Christine H., Attorney in CA

"Before working with Charis, I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck, without enjoying what I was doing or knowing how to change it. I knew I needed a change but was afraid to change anything... Charis helped me understand the root causes of why I was stuck where I was, and shared useful and user-friendly tools to help me address my fears going forward. Charis is gifted at relating and educating in a way that is natural and empowering. The tools I learned... feel commonsense but are not something I would have thought of on my own. To think I could have gone my whole life without the knowledge and insight gained from Charis’ coaching! I feel in control of my life more than I ever have. I carry less guilt and fear and I’m more productive. How is that possible? Ask Charis!"

Megan V. in WA

"Charis is a safe, caring, patient shepherd who provides a space for me to be messy and vulnerable. I leave our sessions... feeling lighter and wanting more."

Trevor W., age 22, Solar Energy Consultant in AZ

"Charis has been such an incredible coach to work with. I didn’t know what to expect doing life coaching at first and I’m so glad I did it. I have noticed a huge difference in my relationship with my wife, friends, family, and work acquaintances. It really makes you be honest with yourself which is what you need to grow and progress... It’s very nice having someone to be accountable to in this realm. Charis has always made me feel 100% comfortable sharing what is on my mind and has helped me work through things I had no idea were even obstacles in my life! I highly recommend working with her if you are looking to achieve more freedom and to live more fearlessly."

ECS, age 54, Yoga Instructor in GA

"Charis is a kind, patient soul who created a safe place for deep exploration, and this place allowed me to experience potent transformation."