Ready to take that load off your shoulders?

Picture this…

Ready to take that weight off your shoulders? Charis Santillie at Charis Your Life You’re leading a hiking trip that you’ve thoroughly prepared for.

You’ve done your research.
You have your destination.
You have your map.
You planned for the weather.
You have all the supplies.
You are ready for anything that may come your way.

A few miles in, a boulder blocks your path. You charge right up and over it. Later on you come across a flooded section in a valley. No problem; you are able to leap all the way over to the other side. You are strong and resilient. Nothing can stop you. The sun rises and sets again and again as you continue along your journey. You don’t have much time to slow down and watch; you have to stay focused on your goal. You finally reach your destination and you are truly stunned, but this isn’t the stunned feeling you expected.

For some reason you aren’t able to enjoy the view. You did everything right. What now? As you stand there, you realize that the pack you’ve been carrying somehow got heavier along the way. In the spirit of charging down the path to your destination you have inadvertently taken on other people’s loads. As heavy as it is, a voice inside won’t let you set it down.

“Maybe you’ll need something, you’d better keep it all and keep it close.” Then you become aware of just how exhausted and burnt out you are, but you can’t let anyone notice; you are convinced that a strong leader must always bear their own burden.  Can you relate to any of this? I sure can.

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