Owl Guide You®

Owls are patient messengers, bringers of information and the holders of wisdom, capable of seeing the unseen.”     – Madisyn Taylor, DailyOM

I designed an owl in my logo for many reasons, and I named her Grace since she’s a reflection of me, and my name, Charis, is derived from a Greek word meaning Grace.

  • Owls can navigate in the darkest of night… I’ll be your guide and shine a light for you.
  • Owls can move their head nearly full circle… I’ll help you see new perspectives.
  • Owls have terrific binocular vision… I’ll bring things into focus.

Owls in My Life

I’ve always loved animals. Owls have become especially meaningful for me since my mother passed on and got her own set of wings. One morning, while she was in hospice, she said “Does this make sense to you – that I finished my owl last night?” Maybe the owl was her totem as she was preparing to cross over…who knows?

The following year, my husband and I moved into a home surrounded by a wonderland of wildlife. We put up various bird boxes, bird baths, and a large water trough with a trail cam.

We often heard the sweet whistling hoots of Western Screech Owls nearby (they don’t actually screech…click here to listen to their call), yet our owl box stayed vacant for a few years. Then, at dusk on Mother’s Day, I had a distinct urge to go look at the owl box. I was greeted by a stunning owl looking straight at me. We delighted in watching her and her 2 owlets that Spring.

Jump ahead to the arrival of 2020; a year titled for vision and clarity… little did we know how exactly that would show up. Amidst the changing times, one of the ways I found peace of mind is when I would say hello to another owl who claimed the box at the end of 2019 and for many months, peeked out at dusk to greet me.

Below are 3 different types of owls who have visited us and kindly posed for some photos…

Western Screech Owls

Barn Owl

Great Horned Owl


You don’t need anything but hope. The kind of hope that flies on silent wings under a shining owl moon.”     – Jane Yolen

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